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Hospital Admissions/Surgical Procedures

  • Based on the results of our examination and the review of any tests ordered, we may recommend a surgical procedure. If you decide to proceed, then the following information will provide some guidance.

  • Your surgeon will discuss the surgery with you and your family. Our office will coordinate the scheduling of the surgery between you, the surgeon, and the hospital. You will be given information outlining what to expect before and after your surgery. This information will address arrival times, pre-admission testing, expected length of stay in the hospital, etc.

Insurance Preauthorization For Surgery

  • If you should require surgery, our personnel will assist you in obtaining any preauthorization your insurance carrier may require. It is your responsibility to obtain your private insurance preauthorization or second opinion requirements.

  • Please note that we may ask you to make a deposit to be applied toward your deductible and coinsurance. Please understand that while your insurance company may only allow what they consider usual and customary charges, you are responsible for the entire bill. Please contact our billing department for assistance in setting up a payment plan, or to answer any questions you may have regarding your account.

To find specific information about your surgery, please visit our Reference Website Links Page.

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