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Prescription Policy

  • The policy of the Practice is to write prescriptions during office hours only. NO PRESCRIPTIONS WILL BE WRITTEN OR CALLED IN DURING EVENING OR WEEKEND HOURS. In case of an emergency, you will be instructed to call your Primary Care Physician.

Prescription Refills

If you are in need of a refill on your prescription, please call our office and leave a message with your name, the type of medicine(s) you need refilled, the pharmacy you use, as well as a phone number where you can be reached. The message will be forwarded to your physician, or the physician on-call, and your prescription refill will be called in to the pharmacy as soon as possible. Please check with your pharmacy to see if your prescription has been approved before arriving at the pharmacy.

Please request refills during office hours ONLY to facilitate the efficient handling of your request. Certain prescriptions are available by written refill only, and will only be filled during normal business hours. The office staff will inform you if your pharmacy needs the prescription to be written.You may pick up the prescription slip at our receptionist desk if you refill is approved by your physician. Also, in some cases, your physician will need you to make an appointment in order to evaluate your need for the refill.

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